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iOS 10 - iPad Pro display bug in Landscape

iOS 10 - iPad Pro display bug in Landscape

Hello Spotify Community,


I came across this bug today while using Spotify on the iOS 10 GM seed, which will be the release version of iOS 10 being released to the public next week. While using the latest version of Spotify, I came across the bug that is displayed in the screenshot below.


When going into a full view of a certain song, like I did below, on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro running iOS 10, the music controls at the bottom of the screen do not display when in landscape. In addition, when clicking a song and then have a short advertisement play for the 30 minute ad-free listening period, the controls for that are also inaccessible, and the arrow in the top left that minimizes is also not accessible during that time.


In case these are needed, I have included spec information below:


Device: 12.9-inch iPad Pro

iOS Version: 10.0.1 (14A403) <-- this is the iOS 10 GM build

Storage: 32GB

Type: WiFi-only


Thank you for being such an awesome community here on the forums, and if you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask me here. ^_^




P.S I have included the same picture as an embed on this post and as a file attachment.




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