iOS 12 beta CarPlay bug


Re: iOS 12 beta CarPlay bug

Casual Listener

This defintiely isn't limited to Spotify, I've also noticed issues with PocketCasts as well. It seems this is a known iOS12 bug and should hopefully be fixed in the next beta. It looks to me like the cars infotainment system triggers a pause that can't be unpaused. 

Re: iOS 12 beta CarPlay bug

Casual Listener

Major issues are on Connectivity, You should check Below points and quick solutions of it.


  • Use Power button for restart CarPlay console. [60% success]
  • Update the iOS device with the latest version
  • Restore or Clean Install
  • Enable Siri
  • Remove Restrictions for CarPlay
  • Bonus [iOS 12 Carplay support third-party navigation as well, add in Carplay]

More you can check here: CarPlay Not Working on iPhone