iOS 7 is not available to me


iOS 7 is not available to me

Hey over here in the Stone Age, I use my daughters old skool iPod touch from you know generation3 or 4. It won't allow for an update past iOS 6.1 or something close. Am I out of luck and if so, who will be reimbursing is? Also not receiving and have not for months our student discount. Lastly the only reason I tried to uninstall was because half way through each song on a playlist it would just stop. Now the app is deleted and I cannot reinstall. Where is my cane?
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Re: iOS 7 is not available to me

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Spotify currently only supports iOS 7 and up.


You can read information from Spotify's staff about it here:


You may have run into problems with the old app because Spotify no longer supports it.


For problems with student discount, there should be a help article about it here: