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[iOS/CarPlay] - phone automatically switches to play over Volvocar Spotify app instead of CarPlay

[iOS/CarPlay] - phone automatically switches to play over Volvocar Spotify app instead of CarPlay


Spotify installed on the iPhone SE as well as there's built-in application as part of Volvo car SPA platform onboard entertainment.

iPhone is connected thru USB cable with the car, I wish to used CarPlay - using mainly Spotify and Waze navi altogether.

(may not be relevant: I'm using the phone data plan, not the car WiFi - both car Spotify and the phone are connected to the mobile provider IP network, likely a different local IP address)



Spotify phone app always automatically switches to play over car's built-in Spotify (however the music does not start to play thru that app) - i.e. it re-selects the MYVOLVOCAR device, instead of "My phone" (connected via CarPlay)


I believe the correct behavior would be (when the app detects CarPlay being used) - to keep playing music thru "This phone" - i.e. thru CarPlay, not switching to "another" device automatically.


I'm able to switch manually "This phone" as the device to play, however after every playback pause (e.g. when the phone call is picked up), the app again switches to "MYVOLVOCAR" device - effectively not playing anything again. So I need to manually open the app (in the phone), switch to "My phone" device again (once or twice). 


Anyone having the similar issues?


Thanks, Pavel


P.S. I tried to switch "Show only local devices" or "Car display" with no luck.



2 Replies

I have exactly the same behaviour on my new BMW 3 series.

This seems to be a bug in Spotify that just changes the playback device through Spotify Connect to the car systems Spotify.

Yeah, I too believe it is a nasty bug (feature).


I "solved" it by de-registering the built-in Spotify car application, and am using only the phone version (thru CarPlay).



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