[iOS][Music] Always On feature no longer working

[iOS][Music] Always On feature no longer working


My iPhone 8 no longer stays on when playing music and the display is on the track, even when plugged in. It's been pretty annoying recently because I tend to use it when driving, so that considerably reduces the amount of buttons to press. It also happens when viewing Behind the Lyrics or a Storyline, so I can't even read them.


It may be because I'm on the iOS 13 public beta but none of my other apps with the Always On feature have this issue.

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I use IOS12.3.1.

Unfortunately, I also have this error and annoy me since last update daily about it. Reinstalling the APP has unfortunately brought nothing.

Please fix it again quickly. Thank you!


I'm on a 6S Plus running iOS 12.3.1

Same here. I will say that if the app is connected over bluetooth and is in Car View then it works as expected, but my car's older so it's bluetooth doesn't sound nearly as good as the aux jack - if i switch to the "headphones" in iOS, then Car View goes away and the screen will eventually dim. 

This is pretty dangerous when you're driving - Yeah you should'nt use your phone while driving but if you're in a older car without CarPlay or can't use Car View then you gotta do what you gotta do.

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