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iOS v.1 update - "Your Music" not all showing

iOS v.1 update - "Your Music" not all showing

Hi community,


I have the "Your Music" feature, and after the upgrade on iOS to v.1, I can no longer see all of the music in the "Your Music" feature. It says that all songs have been reserved for offline from the offline playlist, but they are not available in the album/artist view.


Has anyone had the same issue? And if so, is there a solution?





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To anyone else having this problem (at least 2 of you!) the difference is you need to 'Save' albums for them to show, not just add them to the starred playlist. I must have added some as saved and not others, hence it showing some but not all albums.

On the new version I don't like that when you click on an artist within Your Music it shows all songs rather than albums, but hopefully that will be addressed in an update.

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