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iOS4 app won't recognize free 48hr trial after crash

iOS4 app won't recognize free 48hr trial after crash

I downloaded the new iOS4 app today, and logged in for my 48 hour free trial.  It worked brilliantly for about 10 minutes.  I created a couple playlists and made them available offline.  I then began streaming an album, and a couple tracks into it the app crashed.  When I relaunched it, I could no longer play anything, streaming or offline, and I get the message saying that streaming is only available for premium subscribers.  When I log in to my account on my laptop, it says I'm registered for a free trial until 8/29.  So my computer recognizes it but iphone app does not.  I've tried logging out and back in, re-installing app and restarting phone.  Any ideas?  I was planning on signing up for premium service after the trial period, but now this is giving me second thoughts. Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.  

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Well, the problem seems to have fixed itself.  After a couple hours, I opened the app again and it gave me a friendly "your 48 hour free trial has begun" message, and everything seems to work normally now.  Not sure what the hiccup was.

Hey there!


Glad to hear it's up and working again. Enjoy.

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