iPad controllig iPhone? Wierd..


iPad controllig iPhone? Wierd..

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So, here is whats happening. Both iPad and iPhone connected to the same Wifi. Playing spotify on my iPhone. Then i want to switch to start playing on my ipad instead because i want my phone for something else. But the iPad starts acting like some kind of remote controllig the iPhone which is the device that is still playing the song. I dont want this. When i hit play on the iPad i want this device to start playng the song, not telling the iphone to do it. How do i switch device and deactivate the "remote" bloody function?


I seriousely dont get it how to switch the device playing. Had to disconnect the phone from the wifi, but that shouldnt really be nessesary?


How to fix this?

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Re: iPad controllig iPhone? Wierd..

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if you look in the lower right corner on the ipad, there is a speaker icon. If you click this, you should get an option to choose on what device to play your stream. This is part of Spotify connect.
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