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iPad is not necessarily a mobile device

iPad is not necessarily a mobile device

When will Spotify realize that more and more people use "mobile" devices like iPad and other tablets to connect to their stereo systems?


I have an iPad dedicated to playing music on my stereo. It bugs me that I need a premium account for that because iPad is classes as a mobile device by Spotify, even if it only streams music through wifi.

The only difference between my laptop I used before and the iPad is that the iPad takes less space. Why should I have to pay premium for one but not the other?


Don't take me wrong, I still purchase premium every now and then when we have parties and such, I just don't want to do it all the time.


Please change this, it shouln't be too hard to just check how the music is streamed on the device, when 3g is in use = mobile, wifi in use = not mobile.



2 Replies

I second this, it's silly. What is the difference between a user that has, for example, chosen a MacBook Air as their computing solution (and subsequently has the choice of any subscription level)... and one that has chosen an iPad? Technically they're both 'mobile' devices? Unfortunately I think the likelihood, is that we're just paying a 'tax' for Spotify's development of the iPad specific app. A bit poor really.

It's really to do with the OS ... iOS and Android = mobile OSes, therefore mobile devices.

They should change their terms to reflect this as there is a growing blurring between tablets and laptops.
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