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iPhone 16.7.5, Spotify 8.9.18 and Apple Watch SE Compatible?

iPhone 16.7.5, Spotify 8.9.18 and Apple Watch SE Compatible?






iPhone 8

Operating System

IOS 16.7.5


My Question or Issue

I recently updated my iPhone 8 to IOS 16.7.5 as well as my Spotify App to 8.9.18 and all of a sudden the Spotify App won't open on my Apple Watch SE.

When I click on Spotify on my watch, it doesn't open - it almost 'jitters / zooms' and then nothing. It seems stuck in a glitch. I have clicked it repeatedly and it's just not happening... it's like it really wants to open but it somehow cannot.

I have restarted my iPhone and my Apple watch. I have uninstalled Spotify on both my iPhone and watch. I have re-installed Spotify on my iPhone and Apple watch. I have un-paired the watch and re-paired as a new watch. I have been to the Apple Store and the guy there was lovely however just did the same 'restarts' as I had already done - to no avail. 

Spotify works perfectly on my iPhone 8, no problem there. Car Play works fine too.

Is the latest app update of Spotify not compatible with my Apple Watch SE because I have an iPhone 8? All of a sudden I can't open the app on the watch and it's highly frustrating. 


Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


9 Replies

Same problem here. Tried the same troubleshooting steps (not the Apple store though).


iPhone Xs Max, iOS 17.3.1

Spotify version

Premium family plan

Brand new Watch SE


I have the same issue on Apple Watch 8 and IOS 16.7.2 running on iPhone SE2.


Only change since normal functionality was the update to Spotify version 8.9.18 and ever since Apple Watch app zooms as described above but does not open.


Have removed and reinstalled app but no change - still broken.

I have the same problem with un old iPhone 6S plus and iOS 15.8.1 downloaded yesterday

Spotify appears to have released an app (v. 8.9.18) and didn't bother testing it against older versions of the OS. Until this issue is resolved, those of us with this issue cannot use Spotify on our Apple Watches. There isn't a workaround or a way to resolve this - I've tried reinstalling the app, restarting my watch and phone, and ensuring WiFi and BlueTooth connections are good and compatible between iPhone and Apple Watch. Nothing works.


I have the same problem that started Friday, March 1. 

  • iPhone 8
  • iOS: 16.7.5
  • Apple Watch version 7
  • Watch OS: 9.6.3
  • Spotify version: 8.9.18

Does anyone know if it's possible to download an earlier version of the Spotify Apple Watch app? 

I am having exactly this same issue - just noticed it today March 3, 2024 for the first time. Here are my specs:


  • USA
  • iPhone 8+
  • iOS: 16.7.5
  • Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen
  • Spotify (on iphone) version
  • Spotify Premium plan

I thought this was occurring because I recently created a new premium account for myself and switched to the new account on my phone; went through troubleshooting with applecare via chat; we reset network settings on my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. This thread actually gives me hope in that this isn't a unique problem, though it seems like a big one that has no immediate fix unless the developers get on it ASAP. Spotify works fine on iOS and on my MacBook Pro. 



Spotify Update 8.9.19 is out and now works! Good luck guys, I think we're back!

Thanks, Gabby! I woke up this morning expecting another music-less run, and saw your note with the good news. Consequently, I installed the new app, downloaded playlists, and had a musical run! Many thanks.


And, Spotify, if you're reading - many thanks for addressing this so quickly. I feared we were a lonely island without much voice, but you proved me wrong!


Great - confirmed working here too

Working here! thanks everyone.

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