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iPhone 4s won't should up under "Devices" Wireless OR USB on MacBook Pro

iPhone 4s won't should up under "Devices" Wireless OR USB on MacBook Pro

I've tried everything on the forums that I could find and I'm having no luck...


I have an iPhone 4S (running 6.0.1) and premium Spotify (app version - Spotify core: I have a MacBook Pro running 10.8.2. It doesn't show up on devices when I'm on the same network OR plugged in via USB. The mac Spotify is running version


I've tried the following...


  • Redownloaded the app
  • Switched both the iPhone app and Mac app in and out of "offline mode"
  • Updated the Mac app
  • Made show the Spotify app was allowing connections via the firewall
  • Made sure my router had UPnP enabled (it did)

What else am I missing? Why does this STILL not work. This is VERY frustating that it is THIS complicated.


Can someone PLEASE help me.

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I'm having the same problem 😞

I have the same problem! Please update with any help!

Hi. Assuming that your phone is not showing under devices when connected to the same wifi (no USB connection), could you try the following:


  • Temporarily disable any antivirus, firewall and other security software running on your desktop
  • Ensure UPNP is enabled on your router
  • Turn off your router for 10 seconds then turn it back on
  • Restart your iphone then relaunch spotify



If you still have issues, please post the information listed in this post under "template", thanks.


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