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iPhone 6+ / iOS 8 Offline Mode No Longer Working

iPhone 6+ / iOS 8 Offline Mode No Longer Working

I've had Spotify Premium for a number of years on various phones and OSs and up until about 2 months ago it worked wonderfully on my iPhone 6+. However when I choose "Save" on an album or playlsit it only donwloads a sporadic number of songs (at best, 3 songs out of an album). I'd really love to get this problem sorted as it's a great feature that I use very regularlary.


A couple of points:

- I have plenty of storage (>30Gb remaining)

- Have updated to newest version of Spotify and iOS


I am loathe to reinstall the app as I do not want to lose the albums that I've saved already.


Many many thanks for any pointers or help. Much appreciated!



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