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iPhone App bug fix wishlist

iPhone App bug fix wishlist

So I recently made the big leap to transition all of my music listening to spotify (I've been premium for over a year but didn't really enjoy juggling between iTuens and Spotify).

I now sync only the music tracks not on spotify to my iPhone's Music App and using Spotify on my phone as the primary music app. Here are the poblems I've faced so far

  1. Extremely Slow Downloads: I'm trying to sync my starred items (over 1000 tracks) and it's been syncing for over a week.
  2. Slow responsiveness of the app while syncing: While syncing the app is generally slower, searching takes longer, tracks that are streaming tend to buffer. I've also experienced crashes. There should at least be a pause synchronization button
  3. Currently playing track information does not update: If I play an album, the first track info is transmitted to iOS (Press home button twice and swipe to the left) but updates don't happen from then on. This is especially painful because i use airply to my TV and use spotify in my car.
  4. Landscape/CoverFlow style mode: This is esentially critical for my Starred items playlist. It essentially acts as my collection of favorite albums. Scrolling down a playlist of over 1000 tracks is a nightmare. Searching also doesn't necessarily select the version of the album i have available offline



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