iPhone Spotify in-car


iPhone Spotify in-car


Hi all,


Having a problem palying music from iPhone 6S to my Alpine CDE-175BT headunit.


When I am connecting iPhone via USB cable at the start of the trip, iPhone automatically opens Music app and starts playing songs from Music app. Then I manually click Spotify's play button. After this music is playing from Spotify, I can skip tracks, until I receive a call or press Pause. When call hungs up or I press Resume - Music app is here again, and I have to manually resume Spotify.


Some specs:

iOS 11.2



When I use bluetooth to play music via head unit, the Music app doesn't show up, but there are cons of using bluetooth:

- It takes nearly years to detect my iPhone and start playing

- Sometimes iPhone is not detected at all (as a media source, the phone functionality is OK)

- Poor music quality

- No charging (when I connect iPhone via USB to my headunit phone is getting charged)


Some time ago, having iOS 10 I had similar issue, but after some update from Apple (or Spotify) the problem was gone, all I had to do is install and then remove Music app.

If I install and remove Music app now, problem is still there, the difference is Music app doesn't open, so I have manually resume Spotify every time.


Tried turning it on and off again.

Tried reinstalling iOS.

Tried reinstalling Spotify.

Tried soft-reset.

Tried voodoo magic.

Nothing of the above helped.


Can someone help me solve the problem please?