iPhone app only streams local files...


iPhone app only streams local files...




as of today, the spotify app on my iPhone 3gs (ios 5.1) only streams files that are actually local files from my computer and that are synced to my mobile app. All the other playlists that should be available in offline mode (but which are not local files) don't get streamed. I see the cover picture and all the song infos, but it just won't play. When I go back to one of the playlists that are synced from local files, it plays just fine.

Has this occured to anyone else before?

I can't imagine it to be a memory issue, because I have more than 7GB still empty on my iPhone... what is going on?


Update: On my iPod, it's working. So it's not an issue with my account, but it must have something to do with the iPhone.


Update 2: Deleting and reinstalling the app solved the problem for now, so. There's that.