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iPhone randomly switches to other podcasts

iPhone randomly switches to other podcasts






iPhone 13

Operating System 15.5 


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While listening to podcasts my SPOTIFY app randomly switches to another podcast episode marking the one I was listening to as PLAYED; which loses my place.    I notice the error multiple times per week and some times multiple times per day.




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Hey @Cobhobaroblobie,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


In order for us to narrow down on the reasons for this behavior, could you do the following:


 - perform a clean reinstall of the app as described on this page.

 - try reproducing this on a different mobile device and with a different account

 - try a different internet connection

 - tell us if you're skipping the ads in the podcasts

 - is this happening on all podcasts or only specific ones, also post links to the ones affected


Keep us posted,



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What kinda**bleep** response is this. It does it to everyone on every device..I listen to a podcast everyday..and Spotify will randomly switch to a podcast I have never listened to in the middle of my podcast.

Hi there @Randallkoch,


Thank you for your reply in this thread.


We'd like to clarify that we ask these questions and recommend these troubleshooting steps when we're unable to reproduce the issue from our side, which is the case right now. We need to collect as much valuable info as possible in an attempt to figure out a solution.


So in order to get to the bottom of the situation, could you follow the steps included in our previous reply and send over the info we requested?


Keep us posted!

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I’ve re-installed my app because I was having the same issue. It just happened again. Before an ad happened. 

I mainly listen to the Rogan podcast and I’ve only noticed the problem happening on that specific podcast.


I will be listening to it and it will randomly switch to another podcast (always switches to podcasts that I have as a favourite). 

the phone is locked when this happens. 

I have an Apple Watch as well but I’ll be driving when this happens.


so far, I’ve noticed it on wifi and on cellular. 

hope that helps. 


I do skip ads but it’s switched before an ad has even come on as well. 

Hey @tybraaten84,


Thanks for the info.


Can you also check if this happens when using the web player on your phone?


Also, please share your device model, OS version and Spotify version.



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The problem is at the Spotify end. I have the same problem when using my Sampson S 23+, an android type phone. I have tried signing out of the Spotify app, signing back in, signing out, signing back in; cleared cache; made sure that the option in settings for having Spotify start another podcast once the one that is being listened to as finished is not checked; and even uninstalled Spotify app from my phone. Nothing works.

I start listening to a podcast and after a few minutes the Spotify app switches me at random to a difference podcast.

Hi there @GHarpalus,


Thanks for the post.


Is it possible for you to make a short screen recording of this random switch happening? Also, let us know what Spotify app version you're using. 


We're requesting this info because we were not able to reproduce this issue on our end. 


Note that this switch might be happening if your Spotify account is logged in to another device to which another user has access. Most of the time this can happen if you're logged in a home TV/ Speaker or gaming console and someone at home is playing music or a different podcast from that device. You can also try logging out of all other devices, and testing if this is still happening on your phone.


Keep us posted.

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I have the app installed on several devices, but never playing at the same time. The issue is, whenever I want to carry on listening onto my iOS device, the music will play for a second, and immediately pause. Trying to resume the song, or select another one will result in the same behavior where it pauses. If I would try to resume the song on another device, I wouldn’t encounter an issue. This has been happening ever since I’ve had this account which is about 2yrs. The only thing that works is closing the app on ALL of the other devices which can’t always be the case when I’m outside. Clearing the cache doesn’t work, using offline mode doesn’t either. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

I have also tried reinstalling the app, but the same thing occurs. I’d also like to point out, that it doesn’t happen every single time. It’s intermittent. 

This has been happening while I’ve been asleep while connected to a Google dot. I’ve never had this issue until I started listening to longer white noise podcasts. It’s switching to other random podcasts posted by the same author.

I am on which might not be up to date (can’t update phone atm) but this is still very frustrating and not very white noise soothing when there’s an intro ad.

Hey there,


Thanks for posting in the Community and sharing your experiences.


In order for us to dive deeper into the investigation, we'd need the following:

  • The OS of your device
  • The brand/model of the device
  • The specific app version you're using
  • Does this happen with a different account on a different device or the desktop app?

Keep us posted.



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It seems to be trying to play an Ad but accidentally playing an entire podcast. It always happens to me during a scheduled Ad break (Why we have Ads on a paid previous service is another question).

I am having the SAME issues on my google mini only. Third night in a row. Currently up at 2am trying to figure out what’s going on 

I’m on a phone 15 and was on a 13 before that. I’ve had like four phones. Re-downloading the app logging in everything and it happens again. I feel like you wanna force me to listen to something else. For this reason I use pandora for music. I just use you for podcast that I can’t find anywhere else. 

Does anyone know if this is fixed yet because Spotify don't seem to be helping anyone here. I have a podcast running overnight on my iPhone 11 Pro, running iOS 17.3.1 but I've had this issue for ages and it started several software updates ago. It wakes me up when it switches to a different podcast which is really effing annoying. I'm not skipping ads because I'm asleep! Well, I'm asleep until I suddenly get Griffin McElroy's bellowing laugh waking me up... MBMBAM is for work, not for the sleepy times... I thought maybe it might be happening because a new MBMBAM is uploaded, so Spotify thinks I want to listen to it straight away? Or maybe because my sleep podcast runs out of episodes, but I know that's not it because I'm wayyy back in 2017 with it at the moment. Either way I wish it would just play the podcast I told it to play, and nothing else.

Spotify version is, and i have spotify on my laptop as well, but I don't play podcasts there. I have no other Spotify accounts, and no other devices.

I have same problem but Spotify wont fix it. They dont understand

Mine dose this as well, I'm on iPhone 14 Pro Max and a new install of Spotify, I listen to the Joe rogan podcast and during one episode it can skip to the next episode about three times, I listen to it at work using 5g data and don't have these problems when listening on YouTube music

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