iPhone stuck in offline mode

iPhone stuck in offline mode



I have a Spotify Premium account, which works fine on my desktop iMac.


But when I log in via my iPhone 4G, I get a "Spotify is offline" message, and all tracks appear as unplayable.I logged in to my account, via computer, and affirmed that my Premium account is active.


Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure if this is the issue you are having, so if not, I'm not sure what it might be.  It is possible you inadvertently enabled offline mode yourself.  To undo that, tap the settings button on the lower right of the main Spotify screen, and then at the top, set "Offline Mode" to off.


If that does not work, are you on Wi-Fi, or on 3G when it does not work?


Basicaly I had this problem and it took me ages to work out its nothing to do with spotify for me it was the phone. turn your wifi or 3g connection off then on and try again 😛

Stuck off line for a week now, and have tried everything.
Any new suggestions?

IPhone 4s all software updated


When you say "tried everything" can you be more specific? Can you list the steps you've tried, such as checking network connection on the device (can you surf the web using a browser, for example), restarting the device, restarting the app, checking settings in the app to make sure the app is set for offline mode, etc?  If you list the steps you've tried, that will help folks figure out what the problem is.

I've tried everything you mentioned. I only connect via wifi and can access anything else on line just fine. Spotify just went off line one day.

Make sure you have enabled mobile data or wifi to use on Spotify


Hey it worked! thanks alot.. In order to do that I tapped spotify under settings then turned on mobil data!

Yes. Worked for me too. Thanks a lot. Simple really but some of us are still pre-historic when it comes to iPhones!!!

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