iPod Classic sync issues


iPod Classic sync issues

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Hi, i have a repaired ipod classic with version 2.0.1 (120gb, 6th gen rev1 a.k.a second newest one). On normal iTunes use - syncing, putting, listenint music - everything works great. But im unable to connect with spotify. I currently own a premium memebership. When i plug-in my ipod spotify app detects ipod and lists it under devices and shows "Your iPod needs to be restored.". So i restore it with the iTunes During the software installation Spotify shows the view that you an start syncing. I ignore it and wait until the software installs. Once rebooted spotify shows you need to finish installing the software, and iTunes shows "Welcome to your new iPod", once i do it. Spotify return to the same screen as before reinstalling the software. Tried also on Windows -  didn't help.


If i eject iPod from iTunes then Spotify still lists iPod and shows "Sync iPod with Spotify". On the next stop it shows "Enable disk use" on iTunes although i have it explicity enabled. And doesn't let me continue.


I'm attaching screenshots. Hopefully that helps better understand my situation.


Does Spotify support this ipod version? is it a motherboard issue, because its aftermarket and the software doesn't like it so?


Screenshot 2014-12-30 18.56.45.png
Screenshot 2014-12-30 18.58.31.png
Screenshot 2014-12-30 19.15.39.png
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Re: iPod Classic sync issues

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Adding more screenshots.

Screenshot 2014-12-30 19.22.40.png

Re: iPod Classic sync issues

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Spotify only supports local file syncing to the iPod classic.


You are better off using iTunes to sync your MP3s, because iTunes does a better job at it than Spotify.


You cannot sync songs that are on Spotify to your iPod. Spotify encrypts their music files so you can only listen to them inside of the Spotify desktop and mobile apps.


I hope this information is helpful to you.