iPod Touch: scrobbling to Lastfm when offline


iPod Touch: scrobbling to Lastfm when offline


Hi, I have a problem with Spotify on my iPod Touch. That is, I don't really know if it's a bug, or just that I'm expecting too much. Anyway. I remember that there used to be some feature in the Lastfm app for the iPod Touch that made that you could listen to songs when you were not connected to the internet, then once you connected again, it scrobbled all the songs you had been listening to. Now, I have recently linked Spotify with my Lastfm profile and it works just fine as long as I'm connected to the internet, but when I turn off the connection, listen to some songs, then turn the connection on again, the songs I have listened to don't appear in Lastfm.

Now, it could simply be the case that this is a feature that doesn't exist in the Spotify app. Or maybe it's some bug. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

Could you help me with this?

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Re: iPod Touch: scrobbling to Lastfm when offline

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None of the Spotify mobile apps have the ability to cache scrobbles in offline mode sadly. There is an ideas topic about it here:


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