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iTunes Purchased files not able to play on Mobile App

iTunes Purchased files not able to play on Mobile App

Hey All,


So my problem is this: I have purchased files through iTunes which I want to use on my spotify mobile app.  I realize that the files are protected so I tried converting them to mp3 and also AAC formats, which did not work.  I would like to note that I was able to play the tracks on my laptop (through spotify) and they do show up on my mobile app, but when I try to play them, the album artwork will show up but the song will not start.


I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that the files were purchased through iTunes and so the question I have is how to bypass this.  Is there some special step I need to take to "unprotect" these files and THEN convert them into mp3 format?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

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If the tracks are available for iTunes Plus, then maybe. From what I recall, iTunes Plus allows the tracks to be used freely of DRM. 

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I did not purchase them as iTunes+ files.  My only other thought is something that worked before, which is to burn the songs to a disc and then rip them back onto my computer.  The only reason i haven't thus far is because I don't have any CD's and rather than taking the time to go buy them I'd rather figure out a way around it.  thank you for your input though.

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