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iTunes music won't sync to iPhone :(

iTunes music won't sync to iPhone :(

Hey guys,


So I recently got a new iPhone and bought Adele's new album on iTunes because her label won't stream it.  I was really hoping I could just sync it as a local file then put it in my playlist, but it's not working.  I've reset everything then set it back to "available offline" and on the phone it goes through all of the spotify songs then just leaves the new songs greyed out.  I'm hooked up to my PC, on the same wifi network, etc etc as it suggests in the app.

Here's what I've done: 


-Created a new playlist and copied old playlist over

-Done the in-app plug wifi etc etc

-Disabled firewall

-Downloaded quicktime

-Clear the offline cache or whatever it's called

-Reinstalled on both PC and iPhone on the same time


I have over 100gb of space available on my phone.  Support's kinda slow and my billing cycle's about up so if this doesn't resolve then I'll just cancel and move to somewhere else (which I really don't want to do, but if something that every other service has and has it down solid is dysfunctional here then it's worth it).





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