ios 11, iphone 6s excesive “in app” battery usage


ios 11, iphone 6s excesive “in app” battery usage


I recently decided to try spotify and buy a premium account, but i soon realized I couldn’t get in the app to look for music or change my preferences, because of a massive battery drain.

When i got in the app recently my battery was at 95% and now it’s below 30%. It drains about 1% every 12 seconds and it gets my phone excessively hot in about 8 seconds. I cannot use an app with this kind of problem and i’m considering not using it ever again. Do any of you have this problem too?

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Music Fan

It happens the same with my Iphone 5SE with ios 11.



Playing 39mins of dowloaded music (Not even streaming) takes 16% of my charge. For comparison playing 4 hours of downloaded music on apple music app takes only 13%. Same volume and same headphones.


On top of that, the phone gets very hot when I’m listening to Spotify. These battery and heat issues have been consistent for the past weeks and are only for Spotify, not any other app. 


I have the lattest Spotify version. 


Moreover, I saw a post from another user reporting this issue that the moderators of the forum decided to close. Is this battery drain an issue that you are looking at it?


I like the Spotify service, but if this is not solved I will obviously have to cancel it.