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listening to playlist by date added - PLEASE HELP

listening to playlist by date added - PLEASE HELP

I have a very large playlist of random songs. 500+. I like playing from the newest to oldest (date I included it on the playlist). I can do this on my Mac but cant see the option on my iphone. Driving me mad having to scroll down to most recent tunes. Please help.










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Hey @Lawrence33, welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Feart not! The option is in iOS too. Simply swipe down to the playlist you're trying to use a sorting filter and that will reveal a search bar with a menu next to it. After that tap the menu next to the search bar and tap Recently Added which will then sort the playlist by the songs added recently descending to the songs added first into the playlist.


No more scrolling!

Hope it helps 🙂

Almost there I think. I found the sort by function. Many thanks. And yes, it now lists the songs from most recent. But it does not play them in that order. I have checked and it is not on shuffle play.  Odd. Any thoughts? 

Hey @Lawrence33,


That's great!


I have a playlist in that order too but it plays normally no matter which sorting filter I use.

Could you try a clean reinstall?


Thanks 🙂

The clean reinstall worked. Years of annoyance solved. Many many thanks.

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