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local files won't sync to iphone

local files won't sync to iphone






iPhone SE

Operating System

 Windows 7

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I am trying to sync my local files to my iPhone SE. I followed all the directions correctly and was able to get my local files to play on my desktop through spotify. I made a playlist of the local files I wanted on my phone. Then I opened spotify on my phone, and went into that playlist, and clicked download. It switches to "downloading..." and says "waiting to download," but no matter how long i keep it open, the tracks remain greyed out. I am on the same wifi network. My windows firewall does not block spotify.


I have looked for solutions on this forum, but have only found people saying to adjust firewall settings, or reiterating the instructions that aren't working for me. Is there a solution to this problem or is it time to dump this app and switch to apple music?


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Hey @chillwill1989, welcome to the Spotify Community!


A soft reset of your device may help! Just follow the steps here (under 'If your screen is black or frozen'): Let us know if it helps you out.


Take care 🙂

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