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losing downloaded playlists

losing downloaded playlists

I am on the premium subscription and I use three devices. When my son downloads songs on his iPod touch my downloads are removed from my Android phone. How can I stop this from happening
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You can access your Spotify account on any number of devices, but you can only have offline synced playlists on 3 devices at one time. If you offline sync on a 4th device playlists will be desynced on one of the others. It sounds like this is what is happening here.


Technically, you aren't actually meant to share your Spotify account with anyone else. It's against the T&C. The reason for this is that sharing an account dilutes the income for the producers of the music listened too.

I thought that might be the case. Can I reset the three devices as one of the devices is a lost iPod touch which brings my total to four

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