lost song and auto correcting search


lost song and auto correcting search


So i goofed and meant to queue a song but i swipped the wrong way and deleted it. I have done this before, normally I go and get the song back right away... this time is differnt. Now I know the name of the song, "Chai" I dont know the artist and it doesnt have words so cant look up the lyrics sadly. when I search on spotify I only get results for song containing the word "Chain" not chai! its like its thinking i am trying to say one thing when i am not and now i cant find this song at all and i am very upset.    






iPhone 8

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Re: lost song and auto correcting search

Gig Goer

If you listened to the song recently, you can go to the desktop app, go to queue, and click History. This will show you the last fifty tracks you listened to. If you haven't listened to it recently enough for this to work, I'm not sure of any other way to find it. I'm sorry :(