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new update 4/2/14... everything is slow

new update 4/2/14... everything is slow

I just updated spotify on my iphone and it is really slow. The date is 4/2/14. When i slide to skip the song, it takes a couple seconds to load before i can skip the next song. So annoying. All my songs are downloaded. Not an internet problem. Never had this problem before.
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Hi. Some people have reported that restarting their phone by holding the Home and Lock buttons for 10 seconds or, reinstalling the app, has helped with issues after the upgrade.

Yes, you absolutely have to do this.  I was experiencing a wait of up to 60 seconds for it to respond every time I pressed any button!  Trying to relisten to a track, I'd press the back button, it wouldn't respond to the press until 30 seconds into the next song so it then just restarted that one!  Double pressing the back button was putting me in an endless cycle of listening to 30 seconds, restarting, listening to 30 seconds... man it was bad.  Was just panicking the new app was completely useless, since I listen to spotify constantly (when I'm not at work... or sleeping) but I have now restarted and thankfully its fine.  Phew.

I have uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled the app and I am still having a terrible user experience.  It can 15 seconds for the app to recognize that I have given a command to change songs.  Considering unsubscribing if this isn't fixed ASAP.

Hi ptigers9, when did you reinstall? It seems a new update has been released sometime yesterday, which has included a number of bug and crash fixes. It finally fixed my issue and issues for a couple other people, so if this update hasn't been applied for you yet, try updating 🙂

Thanks for the quick response.  I updated this morning around 9 AM CST.

Same here. Really disgraceful, and my premium subscription is now cancelled. I'm not paying good money for a rubbish product.

I have been a loyal Premier member for over two years and this latest update (4/2/14) is the worst ever. Why is it so slow? I click next and it takes a millenia to go to the next song. Even scrolling there is a delay from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. It's meant to be an update not a down grade! Fix it or I'm saying bye bye and you can lose out on 9.99 a month from me for the rest of my life.


Cheers mate.

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