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new update is awful

new update is awful




United States


iPhone 8

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iOS 10


My Question or Issue

Normally I don't worry about the updates, because if they aren't any good other people will comment and it'll get changed soon enough, but I can't not say something about this new version. You can't search through your albums or artists with side scrolling through the alphabet, which makes scrolling through a huge library incredibly tedious. Some bands I've liked recently are no longer in my library. It used to be you liked a song and that song showed up in your library, but now there are songs that I liked that were literally in my library yesterday and now they are no longer there, even though I can find the song and it shows that I've liked it.

I love Spotify, it is the most used App on my phone, and my life would literally not be the same without it, and under normal circumstances I don't like bitching because its not like you guys did this to **bleep** me off, but seriously, this update was garbage, and it really should be fixed promptly.

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Can't agree more, the new update is absolute trash. Spoke with support and their solution was that you need to follow an artist as well as download the song. Which is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Having to download a song as well as essentially download a feature to let you sort the song by artist is ridiculous. Hopefully enough people complain that they change it back

I just want to be able to listen to music that I have downloaded. I can't even find it now. I don't understand how they thought this would make anything easier.

I actually switched back to Apple Music because of this. I want a traditional library, not a playlist for individually liked songs separated from the songs I’ve liked from liking entire albums, etc etc etc. This is typical Spotify trash, attempting to punish you for using the Library, or from wanting to listen to too much of one artist. They want to basically control what you choose to listen to by limiting your ability to make that choice yourself. No “all tracks” list on artist pages is another example of this. The less you can use your library the way you want to, the more they can choose what you listen to, making the labels happy.

I totally agree with this, 100%. I loved spotify because it replaced my 50 gig music bank on my phone and laptop with an easy to use and easily accesible program online, but if they do not change this back asap i'm going to unsubscribe my premium account. I'm not paying for music I can't even find in 3 to 5 clicks... I'd rather start downloading and buying online again.

I'm out of here Spotify. Sorry. This is the first bad update from Spotify in my opinion but it's absolutely horrendous. 

- Reinstitute the search bar atop all playlists/categories.



(It was one of the best interfaces of all streaming services and set Spotify apart from the competition. Unfortunately it is now imho the worst of the bunch).


- What's the deal with making the queue so hard to access??


- Whatever happened to recently played?


I'll renew my subscription once these are back.


For now, sayonara!


I never bother to complain on the internet but I HAVE TO say something about this terrible update that is ruining all of our music lives. If they don’t fix it quick I’m pretty done unfortunately. Not worth the money if I can’t find anything. Who looked at this and was like YUP that’s how it should be. They are **bleep**ing stupid 

Its funny bc I never re really used the Library  Just searched through the songs I recently listened to and they just basically rotate as I listen. But now it's all trash and there were songs in that list I never got to save, and cant remember what they were. Which of course they automatically updated without notice, mainly to try it out but force us to try it for them. 

Cant even access all my downloaded song anymore. This is ridiculous.

I used almost every streaming service, literally, and I chose Spotify cause it had the best library and the easiest to use, one update turned it into**bleep**, it's the worst library. If it's not changed soon I'm switching either to google play or Apple music.

Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but I've spent so many hours (I'm talking days even) downloading all the albums of artists I enjoy listening to and going through all the songs, only keeping the ones I love. Since the update, I have ALL the songs of all the albums downloaded - not only a huge waste of my storage but also incredibly frustrating since I spent so much time unliking the songs I didn't like. 


Seriously, I'm going to switch services if it remains this way. I enjoyed paying for this service when I could find the music easily but I cannot pay for this longer.

Like many people in this thread, I'm not usually one to complain about app updates, and if there is a particularly bad update I usually have some faith in the developers and wait for it to get fixed. But it has been over a month now and Spotify still haven't fixed the most absurd functionality change I have ever seen. I have never seen any kind of media player that couldn't sort by artist until now. There is no reason for this app to not allow it, the artist information is clearly included in any song regardless of whether you've followed the artist or not, it takes zero effort for them to bring that functionality back. The only explanation I have for this is that Spotify clearly think this will make them more profit in the long run for some reason - we all know they barely compensate artists for their music, maybe this is how they're attempting to placate them? "Oh sure, we only pay you a few cents per thousand listens, but look, your followers went up 1000% this month!! See we're paying you in exposure." Regardless this change is completely absurd and the app is now a music player that makes it stupidly complicated to simply listen to the music you want. People used to hate on iTunes but now it seems super slick and user-friendly in comparison. I will be cancelling my Premium subscription and looking for alternatives because this is ridiculous.

To the Spotify product team,


I have ave never seen a company make such an incomprehensible mistake with this latest update. It makes absolutely no sense to not allow me to search through the music I saved and to make it worse, it is not in alphabetical order. The employees who thought that this was a good idea should be fired immediately so that Spotify can continue to do the great things they do

Totally agree! The missing Library artists is the biggest problem for me. I checked an earlier post concerning this issue and despite hundreds of users reporting the same headache, Spotify marked the issue as "Case Closed." They offered NO reasonable way to populate your Library again with artists I've spent several years downloading. I assume veeryone will need to do a search to find all the songs/artists that have always  been easily viewed by clicking the Artists tab. Frankly, this is a HUGE betrayal of Premium users! My subscription is up the end of August 2019. I'll be looking for a new home a dumping Spotify if a work-around isn't forthcoming.

I download every song I like and I just want them to bring back the ability to remove individual songs that I don't care for instead of having to skip them because I now have to download the entire album. I don't think that's asking very much, Spotify. 

RufioJones nailed it:

- Reinstitute the search bar atop all playlists/categories.



(It was one of the best interfaces of all streaming services and set Spotify apart from the competition. Unfortunately it is now imho the worst of the bunch).


- What's the deal with making the queue so hard to access??


- Whatever happened to recently played?

 Literally could not say it better myself. This new update is absolute dog you-know-what, and they really need to change back the entire your library section to the way it was.

I hate that fact you can’t share songs on Facebook the way you use too. Now it tries to make it a story, and wint let you post on groups or tag people. 

I miss randomly listening through ALL of my songs, scrolling through my songs and everything alfabetically. My autistic brain misses all the organizing and alfabetic order. Its**bleep**.

They're lucky I'm still using them.

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