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new user - iphone not picking up premium status

new user - iphone not picking up premium status

hello, i just signed up for premium online, but when i go to my spotify app on the iphone (even tried logging out and logging back in) it won't recognize that i'm a premium member and allow me to stream on demand. how do i fix this? thanks!

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Hello susieharley! Welcome to the community! Have you checked account overview and see what it says?

It says I'm premium! But somehow that status is not registering w the phone app, and there's nowhere to check there (or is there?)

The only way to test it on the phone is to try playing a track.

Exactly- it won't let me.

Since this is an issue with your account, I can't do anything more for you but if you go fill this customer service form a staff member will be with you shortly

Yes, unfortunately tried that to no avail as well... Can't get past step 1, where I choose my general problem, step 2 and all subsequent steps are grayed out and no way to get a drop down menu to come down. Oh well, like I don't have so many other things to deal with right now! Ha. Thanks anyway for your help.

No problem.

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