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only part of songs being synced on iPad, iPod and iPhone5.

only part of songs being synced on iPad, iPod and iPhone5.

Below the playlist name it will say for example 78 titles synced out of 140. Whenever I repeat the downloading or synching process by pushing on/off/on, it repeats updating the already synched 78 titles, the rest of the songs remains grey and cannot be played. This goes on since several days now.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks guys.

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Ate the tracks which don't synch, local tracks, spotify content or a mix of both?

the tracks of that playlist are of mixed origin: from spotify content, itunes content, and or other playlist conent. THE THING IS, if I open spotfy on the PC, there I can play them ALL.


however, on the spotify APP the problem occurs. thanks much.


Could you post a link to the playlist here - right click playlist in the desktop client and copy spotify URI.


N Jazz


<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>


thx, chas



Thanks. All but the last 4 tracks appear to be local files. If you are using the download option on your iphone, it will replace local files it can match with spotify content but I notice that a lot of the tracks have missing information so it won't be able to match these. You have three choices here.


  1. In the desktop client, you can open the playlist, select all the tracks and unlink them then synch the playlist to your iphone following these steps.
  2. Fix the metadata for the tracks hten try to download again to your phone. There may still be some tracks which don't exist on spotify so won't download.
  3. Remove your local files form spotify by changing the preferences/options and restarting and just import your playlists then only spotify content will be matched. You may need to do some fine tuning if the playlists contain missing or incorrect track data.

thx very much Joe. I will try your solution approach.

🙂 Chas

Good luck. Love to hear how it goes 🙂

I have a similar problem. Some tunes (randomly it seems) do not get synchronized.
Tried to understand your suggested solution, but not sure that I understand correctly.
What do you mean by "local tracks"?

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