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"30-Minutes Free" Ads Hang iOS App

"30-Minutes Free" Ads Hang iOS App

iOS 9.3.2 - 16 GB iPad Model MC705LL/A - high-speed wireless


Many of the "30-minutes free" ads hang the Spotify app on iOS. The ad will begin to play, but after 3 - 5 seconds the ad will freeze, then the video "progress bar" at the bottom will proceed to about the half-way point before looping back to zero. The progress bar repeats this cycle indefinitely, but the video remains frozen, and the app never resumes. Closing the app entirely and restarting Spotify resumes the playlist from the next song. As an example, the "Nissan" ad does this. Other ads, such as "Hilton" work properly, but once an ad exhibits this behavior, it always hangs Spotify iOS whenever that particular ad comes up.

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