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"Available offline" playlists no longer downloading songs for offline use on iphone

"Available offline" playlists no longer downloading songs for offline use on iphone

Ever since I updated my Spotify to the new darker user interface (which was sometime last week), the playlists that I toggle to "available offline" have stopped downloading their contents to my iPhone's (4S) local storage. Suffice, to say, this renders the playlists mostly unlistenable when I'm not on wifi, because the songs keep stopping for data transfer. I should mention that I have a good 1.7 gb of available space on the phone, so that can't be causing the issue. Has anyone else experienced this or found a solution?
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Have the same problem.....considering cancelling subscription if it does not get resolved as this is the part of the service that I wanted as travel a lot for work.

Hey, it's working ok for me- have you tried the following to clear the issue?  1) kill sporify by double-clicking the home button, swiping your way to the Spotify app, and swiping it up so it disappears; if that doesn't fix it, 2) restart your iphone by holding thre home and sleep buttons simultaneously till whie apple logo appears and the iPhone reboots; and if that doesnt work, the last resort would be to delete the Spotifty app by pressing it's icon till it wiggles and pressing the "X" in the top left corner, then downloading the app again from the App Store.  Has any of these steps resolved the issue for you?

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