"Like" a radio song and choose what playlist it automatically gets sent to

"Like" a radio song and choose what playlist it automatically gets sent to







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 I love creating a new radio station and being able to like and dislike songs so that my liked songs get saved to a playlist. Through this process, I've created an awesome playlist! But I would like to be able to send my liked song to a different playlist. For instance, I've been listening to Pop recently and when "liked" they automatically get sent to a playlist. When I listen to Alternative and "like" a song, it gets sent to that same playlist.

What I would like is for every time I create a new radio station, a corresponding new playlist will open up and save all my liked songs for that radio station so that all of my liked songs from different radio stations aren't getting all mixed together. Does that make sense? Is there a way I can do that? 

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Hello @ahnnpron!
Well, let's say that it's arguable if it makes sense or not! 🙂 I don't know how many songs per radio you like everytime, but the "like" and "dislike" feature is mainly there to let spotify know how to go on with the radio itself based on your taste. All your liked songs are automatically saved on the same playlist, but you can access this playlist everytime and create all the playlists you want based on that songs. Or, in case you immediately want to save that song in a new playlist, whether you put a "like" or not, you can just save it to a new playlist. By default the new playlist will be called with the name of the song you put for first, but it's a matter of second to change the name and call "songs from [...] radio.

Hope this helped you.

I see. That's unfortunate. Thank you for your response! I greatly appreciate it. 
So I guess this development/new update request to Spotify. Please make it possible in settings to create separate playlists for 'liked' songs from different created radio stations. 🙂 

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