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"Liked from Radio" is not adding new songs

"Liked from Radio" is not adding new songs

When I look in my "Liked from Radio" playlist, it only shows the songs I added 2 or 3 days ago. It is not showing any songs I liked from my iPhone yesterday or today. Any suggestions??  This is my favorite feature by far, so it is really to me important that it works!

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Having the same problem here. It's not showing any of the songs liked in the last day for me.

It looks like it worked up until I changed radio stations... then it stopped tracking them....   😞


I also noticed that the Mac Desktop version does not list "90s" in the radio section, although the iphone app does..... And that happens to be what I listened to earlier today on my phone....  I don't know if that could have broken it... but I thought it was worth mentioning.


yes, I'm having the same issue.   As of yesterday they quit adding songs into the 'Like" playlist. 

Just dittoing the same problem in this thread as well ...  Spotify folks, any solutions? 

Yup, same problem here, help!



Not adding new songs to my "Liked from Radio" playlist after I switched stations. Both Mac Desktop and iOS. I really liked this feature. Pun intended.


Spotify Support?

same here, ive just found it its not working after i have spent 3 hours "perfecting" a radio track for collecting for offline usage on my cell. tho this is on win desktop. but it seems to work when i use the feature on my iphone? yes itunes is updated on my desktop.

I am having the same problem. I first thought it might be a lag issue, but I only have 4 songs in there... How can this be fixed?? Help please!!!



Do you have a solution for this? Many of us have posted on your forum about a problem, but you have not offered a solution. This is a real problem, as the radio function is great...but it's impossible to keep track of 'likes'.



Same problem here... Come on Spotify, fix this...

Hello, I am also bummed about this, thought that was a very clever feature.

Having the same problem too... Spotify you there?


Could you give us an idea what to do please 🙂 

any news about that? i have the same problem (OS X client). 

I am having the same issue. You can however manually add them my right-clicking (Computer) or long-holding your screen (iPhone app). It's better than nothing!

It works when I use my phone at work.  I'll keep the desktop app running, but listening on my phone.  When I like a song on the phone, the desktop app shows it almost immediately. 


It's a workaround.  I'd like to use the desktop almost exclusively. 



Any solutions yet other then right clicking to add to playlist? This is driving me nuts! I found a bunch of cool music yesterday and now I can't the tracks!

Having the same problem as everyone else. Extremely bummed that my liked from radio isn't going into the liked from radio playlist..

I'm having the same problem. I really liked this feature and can't get it working again. Why are you doing this to me Spotify?

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