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"Your Music" artist tab album view

"Your Music" artist tab album view

With the latest update it's great to finally see tracks separated by album instead of one long list.
Am obvious improvement would be to make the albums " collapseable" so when we press artist tab we would see a list of albums only ready for us to browse.
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I'd prefer to see big album covers instead of a little cover tab with all the tracks related underneath...  

It would be nice to browse your albums with coverart. Maybe like music player on iPhone. Turn screen side on and swipe through album arts? Either way scrolling through each albums tracks is annoying and time consuming.

Smitch wrote:

Turn screen side on and swipe through album arts? 


I believe the phrase "album artwork" is probably patented by Apple. How well do you feel spotify includes album covers into their discrogaphy? Can you devise a new format more akin to the specific tastes of the end user?


Can anyone allude to the reasoning behind the different releases of both explicit or edited albums? I find myself frequently pining for an explicit version of an artist's release and frequently find this "filter" rather cumbersome when I peruse specfic

genres of music.

The explicit issue exists because the mobile applications don't have the "other releases" functionality of the desktop client which this help page talks about:!/article/Content-censor

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