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"Your music" section on iPhone and desktop not on iPad?

"Your music" section on iPhone and desktop not on iPad?

I don't have the "your music" section on my iPad , i am using it on my iPhone and desktop app for while now so my songs placed in there don't show up on my iPad

What is wrong here?
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I suspect they just haven't added the features yet. I agree it'sannoying to not be able to access your saved albums, only playlists, on the iPad.

It's terrible , i pay for a service that is only getting worse !

The features should be available for all devices , if not then please wait with updates

iPad has fallen behind lately, hopefully it can be brought up to date in a future release (with Discover too!).

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I almost switched to Rdio because of it but the $5 per month extra for Rdio was just not worth this. Hopefully iPad catches up because it's a pain to have a disconnect between all interfaces.

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