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search options

Casual Listener

please help

me and my daughter both have the same iphone 6s updated to the same software version.

we also have the most recent spotify app version.

yet when we search we have different search screens

one is like this



and the other is like this




how do i alter the bottom one so the search options that appear are the same as the  picture above.

thanks for any help, craig

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Re: search options

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Rock Star 2

Hi Craig,


My understanding would be that the more often you listen to those particular artists on your device, the predictive search may find those artists for you first. Also the top screen appears to be artists/songs that were searched for previously, so as long as you search for those artists in the screen below, the screen should be identical.


Hope this helps,



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Re: search options

Casual Listener

thanks for the reply but i deliberatley started the search on both phones with the letters AR.

i realise it would bring up different results based on your personal listening habits but as you can see by the diagonal arrows on the right hand side of the first picture the search screen is a completly different layout.

id like to get mine the same layout as that


thanks again