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song length (time keeper)

song length (time keeper)

Something has caused the "time passed" & "time remaining" feature to disappear after a few seconds when playing songs from my playlist. Can I adjust this so it stays on again? Any way to make it bigger, too? I got the iPhone 6+ hoping it would be larger... A little better...
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I'd love to know of a way to get the time back! I need it to teach my spin class so I know when to adjustments to the ride....

The new now playing screen hides the time after a few seconds.


Spotify is aware of the feedback though 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I find this is very very bad ! an update should be an improvement and no worsening !!!

i realy miss the time display of the time / remaining time and wish that the next update will bring back it back !!!

I agree the time fading out is a pointless and unesersary feature

This feature is totally cramping my spin class! I have to tap the screen every few seconds to find out where I am in the song and sometimes I accidentally swipe the song! Please fix!

Me too!! I agree, please bring the time back and keep it throughout the song!!!!!

Were you able to figure this out. I just had the update happen. I need to konw lengths of songs for my classes as well. Not to mention making playlists takes way longer now as we can not see the length of the songs. 



I was also struglling with this problem during my spinning classes that the songs did not show the elapsed time anymore....


What i do know is the following:

1. I create my playlist for the class in the same way as before

2. download the free app: SPOTQUEUE

3. the app will show all your Spotify playlists; select the one that holds your class and it will be show immediately in the Queue

4. Click on Queue and you will see all the songs in your playlist in the same manner (more or less0 as it is shown in Spotify

5. Click on the Icon at the right hand top and pless play - this will show the time elapsed and time remaining


Hope this helps for now!



Kees Brooimans

I did this and it works... but why should we have to do this when it used to work fine for most of us the way it used to be!

I hope someone has figured this out! I also need time time elapsed for teaching my spin class

I'm actually pretty pissed because I bought premium JUST for my spin classes and LOVE the app but not having the time visible the whole song truly makes my job as an instructor harder....I'm tempted just to use another app and cancel if this doesn't get resolved

Have you updated recently. I had the same problem for a long time, but the newest update fixed it. The time now displays during the whole play time.

I can't find spotqueue . . . where is it?

Just checked in version 6.8.0, it still goes away after 3 seconds.

YES!! This is extremely annoying.  I need to see the time while playing my songs but I need to repeatedly tap the screen which sometimes turns the song off or slides it forward or back.  We need the time.


It says SpotQueue is not available in the US


I also am an indoor cycling instructor.  I adjust the various drills I teach according to the time or when the "mood " of the song changes at a particular time. I would like to see the time (time past to time remaining) shown throughout.

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