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spelling mistake in the german version / "Künstle*innen"

spelling mistake in the german version / "Künstle*innen"

The "Search" field does not contain "artist" (Künstler) but "Künstle*innen". The word does not exist, isn't readable and looks silly and at first glance robs the app of the impression of professionalism. Also in german, we only use apostrophe (but in an other way) and hyphen within a word. Where can I turn if there is room for improvement? Thanks!


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Hi there @nicodemus1986,

thanks for reaching out about this !


I think this page should be the place for it.


Hope this helps 🙂

Hey @nicodemus1986,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


This should now appear correctly in the mobile app.


Do you mind updating to the latest version?


Thanks - keep us posted!



Hi, thanks for help. After updating it has changed to "Künster*innen", better, but not correct. Here is the right spelling in the dictionary:


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