spotifuggle says i'm in the wrong country after six months


spotifuggle says i'm in the wrong country after six months



i know this topic was already discussed but i can't seem to find the solution to my problem anyway.

here is my tragedy: i tranfered to germany (from italy) in october2014, and i hadn't had any problem with spotify. it just worked without saying that i could use it just for 14 days. 

2 weeks ago i went back home in italy and it kept working. but it asked me to change my country settings because i wasn't in germany and i could change it.

now that i am back in germany it says i can't use it because the 14 days are gone and that i have to change the country setting.

now i'm asking myself why such a problem came up after 6 months? and obviously i can't go and change my profile country setting because they don't appear when i try to change it. it says that i have to go to my facebook profile to do it and anyway i can only change my birth date, email and gender.

i've already written to the account support (another thing i had to search for are the contacts, where are they exactly? but by now i'm starting to think i'm probably stupid or an idiot) and they sent me a noreply e-mail stating the reception of my message and that the support is going to keep in contact through twitter (that i don't have) and that i should write on their twitter for any other problem. so now i have to open a twitter account just solve a problem????? are you kidding me??? 

please help a poor idiot that doesn't even comprehend the existence of twitter!



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Re: spotifuggle says i'm in the wrong country after six months

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Reply back to the support email and tell them you still need help. Someone should reply back and help within 24-48 hours.