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spotify can’t open this type of link on this device


spotify can’t open this type of link on this device





iphone 6s

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 i try and play my own playlist and it keeps saying ‘spotify can’t open this type of link on this device’ help?


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Hey all, it's been some time since anyone commented here but as the page is getting views from users, we want to confirm if anyone else is having this issue?


If so please try a clean reinstall first to be sure you're on the latest Spotify iOS app. 


If you continue to get this message please post below with these details:

  • Your device
  • Device's operating system
  • Spotify app version

Thank you!


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195 Replies

I have an iPhone SE and am having the same issue.

I have the same problem and reinstalling the app and looking out didn’t work

Im also having the same problem on my iPhone 8, I’m rly confused and mad rn because I cant  listen to Any music


Yup same issue here, iPhone 6s, only can play artists playlist but not my one that I made, some one help ASAP, I need to listen to music when sleeping!!!!!!

Just got the same issue on my 5s, worked 15 mins ago, now it’s stopped

Yeah it’s just been this evening it’s happened for me

I have an iPhone 7+ and it’s not working

Same issue iPhone 6s Plus and I can’t listen to music :// wth

I’m having this issue aswell, I’m on a iPhone 7 Plus. 

Having the same problem, is there a solution. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Doesn't help whatsoever.

Having the same problem as well ! 

I am also having the same problem, the same message keeps appearing whenever I  tap on either of my own made playlist. I’m using an IPhone 7. 

I'm on iPhone 4s and ios9, and I am getting the same issue!!! Real annoying 

Same here. Glad to see it’s not an isolated problem. Hopefully they’ll fix it promptly. iPhone 6

Must be a issue with lots of people right now because I have a 5s and was JUST listening to my playlist and now it’s saying that also 

hopefully that means they’ll fix it soon since it’s not just one of us 

i have an iphone 8 and its happening to me too wth help plsss

I’m having this problem as well and it’s driving me insane. I’ve tried everything and nothing is working. 

Mine as well. iPhone 7 Plus and I deleted the app and reinstalled, rebooted my phone etc and still it is reporting the error that it can’t open this type of link on the device.


I’ve had the same problem starting from about 5 mins ago 

anyone know how to fix it please?

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