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spotify goes crazy on my iphone 5

spotify goes crazy on my iphone 5

so just as im listening music everything stops and i get message: "You are now controlling music on Galaxy S5" and below it - buttons PLAY HERE and CONTINUE. I am using IPHONE 5!! firsly if i hit play here music continues but stops after few sec to show me the same message.. and secondly when i hit continue, music continues (me not hearing anything) playing songs that are not in any of my playlists at complete random.. also it skips songs to some unknown to me stops and goes back to my songs whenever it wants.. the hell is going on...
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Hi @s0ldier,

Thanks for reaching out in the Spotify Community!


Do you have your Spotify account logged in on any other devices? Also, do you have a Galaxy S5 that's connected on the same WiFi network?


There's some more info on how Spotify Connect works, here.


If you're not logged into Spotify on any other devices, we'd recommend heading to your profile page and select 'Sign Out Everywhere'.


Once you've done this, reset your password.


Let us know if carries on happening, we'll help out.

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