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spotify on my ipod touch 4g

spotify on my ipod touch 4g

Hi @ll,


unfortunately Spotify doesn´t work on my Ipod Touch 4g. I connect it per USB-Cable with my Laptop where I installed Spotify a few days ago.

Under "devices" (German: Geräte) my Ipod doesn´t appear...

It also doesn´t work when I change the USB-Port again and again...

What am I doing wrong?!


Have I also to install spotify on my ipod or just on my laptop?





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is the problem solve? If yes, I would be keen to know what the solution is as I do have the same problem. 


Is it because there is a different apple-ID used on the ipod touch?



Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You don't need to use the desktop application to sync music to your iPod touch. 

Just download the Spotify application from the App Store and then log in using the same details you use on the desktop, all of your playlists will be there waiting for you. 


If you need to sync local files, then you need to do it by connecting your iPod Touch and your computer to the same WiFi network. More information about how to sync your device with Spotify is in this FAQ. (Click the link for iPhone instructions, they are the same as the ones for the iPod Touch). 



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Cannot play Spotify on ipod touch 4g... 

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