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spotify premium stops all the time


spotify premium stops all the time

After more than 1 year of enjoying spotify on my ipad 2 it has gone bad last weeks. It stops playing all the time. It stops playing after 1 minute or sometimes 2 minutes. And it always stops playing at the end of the song.  I have tried anything, reinstalling, different internet locations, waiting very long and so on. It doesn't make sense.  It even stops playing in offline mode, so internet connection is not the problem. I don't even listen to spotify anymore and if this is not fixed within one week I will stop my premium subscription.



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In case it's been missed, one of the first posts in this thread recommended trying to change the streaming quality. Have you tried this too?

Another thing to try is to close down every app in the Multitask menu, and then trying to only run Spotify.
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Hi,thanks for the further advice.Sadly doing everything asked has not worked,to date everything that has been done is as follows.Deleted cache/history.Uninstalled and reinstalled spotify app at least 6 times.Have made sure all updates are the current available.Closed all other apps and tried spotify on all different streams available.I have followed all previous advice given by yourselves and othe contributors but sadly with no luck.I am starting to think that spotify could be more hassle than its worth,which is a shame as when it worked it was worth every penny.But as it stands it ain't.Heres hoping a fix is found soon as I fear spotify will lose a lot of custom.Any further advice welcome,cheers

This is rather concerning, especially as we've not managed to reproduce it at all ourselves.

Another thing you could try is the following -
Tap on Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Tap on your phone > Show All Apps, and ensure that Spotify is turned off on this list.
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     As I'm using spotify on an ipad3 would these instructions be the same as an iPhone?,I've never used an iPhone so wouldn't know the difference in the settings.I have tried what you suggested but couldn't find spotify listed let alone on or off!.im afraid you are talking to a relative newcomer in all this iPad lark!,i have spotify on my Nokia N8 phone and it works with no issues.

I'm pretty certain they'd be the same - iOS is very similar on both iPhone and iPad
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     Found settings and followed your advice,still with no luck,all that happened was that a song stopped at 42 secs rather than 1min 35 secs!.Regards

I've joined several different threads concerning this or similar problems. Mine have gone on for almost two weeks now. Streaming on my Iphone4 stops after a minute or two after reinstallation and then freezes up completely. Have messaged Spotifysupport days ago with no response. Gone thru all community-suggestions for quick or notsoquick fixes. Rebooted my device several times and cleanistalled the app itself countless times. Cleaned the cache history and cookies, changed streaming quality and have 2,3gb free. Have frankly more or less given up. Guess I'll keep an eye on the chat here a few more days but then a cancellation seems inevitable.. whatashame 😞

Think I'm in agreement with you mikeimaine.Im sure my problems started with the last update.Obviously there is a big problem somewhere along the line as to many people are having the same problem.Just gotta hope that it's been worked on,otherwise spotify might want to start looking at their customer service.They could lose a lot of trust as well as money.Heres hoping for aspeedy fix.

Hello, I have the same problem with my iPad2. After downloading the newest Spotify app the troubles began... I'm every unhappy with this situation because I enjoyed my music during a lot of train traveling. I also tried all the suggestions in this forum without any success. Please Spotify people fix this problem as soon as possible!!!!

Here we go again spotify persons,the list is growing,that's 5 pages of people with seemingly the same issue !!.I appreciate that it takes time to come up with a solution but it's the silence that's not helping!.I for one would appreciate some form of  acknowledgement that this problem is being looked into.Im of the opinion that a little bit on info might go some way to relieving the irritation that people feel regarding paying for a service they are not receiving!.Regards

On the 'Iphone app keeps crashing!' thread a 'Community Manager' named Rorey actually recognizes that THERE IS A PROBLEM AT SPOTIFY - he states "the problem seems to have been identified and should be sorted in a few weeks". This was now 2 weeks ago and as issues on these threads differ slightly you really can't be sure exactly which problem someone might be referring to. But since Rorey clearly states that that thread would be updated after that problem, whatever it is, was fixed and they haven't we can only reason that Spotify still has a problem that hasn't been fixed. Right now I'm trying to get help on SpotifyCares on Twitter.. see how that works..

O M G! after 2 wks of agony I found the golden egg! @SpotifyCares on Twitter fixed it in minutes.. (knockonwood)

1. Restart(reset) the Iphone -

2. Switch quality to normal

3. Play a few tracks

4. Switch back 2 desired quality


I use normal anyway so I skipped 2-4! what I did tho was, after the restart, I did another cleaninstall of the app.

I could not believe it! 😛


one wonders tho.. why was this so difficult to figure out??

Good luck with the twitter route mikeimane. Not sure about anyone else,but am I right in thinking that the iPhone app would be pretty much the same as the iPad app as the both run on IOS?.Ive not really seen anyone complaining of it not running on a windows PC etc.Spotify on my windows pc and my Nokia phone work perfectly.What is concerning me is the fact that other people I know withe both the iPhone and iPad app are not having issues but some others are despite it being the same app.It does not seem to be across the board as it were,so would assume it would take longer to diagnose a problem.Some form of contact from spotify would be good though.Regards

Well,well,well!,good work mikeimane. Did exactly the same on my IPad and hey presto!.Brilliant stuff.Cheers.

Thanks mikeimane and Gainesy71, it seems that the problem has been solved! The trick is the reset of the device before installing the new app.

I hope the Spotify-team will solve these kinds of problems before launching a new app next time!

I have the same or similar problem on my iPad3 and the clearing out Safari and re-installing Spotify solution does not work for me.  If I log out and log back in I can play maybe 45 seconds of a song before it stops and refuses to start again.  Search and Radio functions just buffer on forever.  My iPhone and Windows PC work perfectly well using the same WiFi connection, as did my iPad for several months until 5 days ago.  I contacted support directly 5 days ago but got no response, other than to say that would be back in touch within 24 hours.  I have been something of an evangelist for Spotify Premium since subscribing but unless this gets sorted out I shall reverse my position.

I had the same problem with my ipad3,mine was rectified by resetting my iPad.I uninstalled spotify,cleared history etc in safari via settings,reset iPad by holding down button on top of iPad and holding down home button for around 5 seconds,screen goes blank then apple logo appears.I then let iPad load up then reinstalled spotify and bingo it was fine!,that wasfour days ago and it works no probs.Hope this works for you

Thanks Gainesy, I will give it a go tonight.

@MarilynneN wrote:

After my initial post here, I heard back from Spotify tech support. We've been back and forth with several things to try, none of which worked until after the last upgrade, which in itself did not fix the problem. I got a followup e-mail from a tech named Tristan, who sent me the following. Details related specifically to my account are removed, but otherwise, these are his directions in full:


I know you have performed a reinstall many times already, but to make sure everything is fresh, I would like you to perform this again, this time deleting the cache files first, as I believe you may have a corrupt file. Please follow below.

If you could start by clearing your cache, follow these instructions:

On the first desktop page of your iPhone, you need to select settings.
Then scroll down until you get to the Safari option, selet this.
You then need to select clear history and proceed to clear.
You will then also need to select clear cookies and data (beneath clear history) and then proceed to clear.

Now you can perform a clean installation of the new app following these instructions:

1. Delete the Spotify application from your iPhone/iPod. To do this, press and hold the application until it hovers and then press the X symbol
2. Restart your iPod/iPhone
3. Install Spotify again from the AppStore

Can you also reset your password by clicking the link below. Don't worry you can change this back if needed.

(link removed as I think it linked directly to my account)

Please log in using username '(Spotify user name)' (not email address) and new password.


This procedure fixed my problem. I am now both streaming and playing offline play lists successfully. I hope this will lead you in the right direction for those still experiencing problems. Also, 3 cheers for Tristan! 😉




this seems to be working for me too... thanks!


Thanks Gainesy, you the man (or woman) the reset thing worked.  It was a shame that I had to rely on the kindness of a stranger to help me solve the problem rather than the people who take my money.  It has taken Spotify support a week not to reply to an email from me.  That aside, this is obviously a known problem; why not put up an FAQ about it or post some sort of message on the website somewhere?   I suppose the answer to that is that underneath the child friendly pastel colours, cartoon characters, talk of community and the @Spotifycares facade they appear to have about as much genuine interest in customer service as, say, Microsoft.  It's very much "We've had your money, now stop bothering us with your problems and sort them out yourselves".    

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