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How to change country when you can't login

I signed up for spotify in Holland years ago but I didn't really like it. And eventually I also moved back to the U.S. Now my friends are all about it and I wanted to give it a second shot. However, I can't login at all. I can put my user name and correct password in and I get a message That says you "can only use it for 14 days out of the country" every time I try to login. I can't make a new account because it already has my email. Now I trying to contact someone at spotify and am directed to here... I've got to say me expectations are low once again. But if anyone knows how to fix this or maybe an actual person at spotify could spare 2 seconds to help out I might be able to give this music player a shot. This is an actual tech problem, I'm not an idiot who doesn't get how to reset a password or reinstall an app. Which I've tried both just for kicks to see if I could get around it.
Who Me Too'd this topic