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I can't sync my music from the laptop to my mobile.


Hello all !


I got a laptop, running on Windows 8, and a mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


When I had my old laptop i was able to download music, put it in spotify with the local files option, then i dragged and dropped those mp3 in a offline session, it was ok, both device connected one the same wifi so everything was ok.

Since i change my laptop, i can't do this. Both are connected on my wifi, i can put local files in spotify for laptop, i can listen to those tracks on my laptop, but no way to get them on my mobile. Songs stay grey, and the spotify android app tell me that the track is unavailable.


How can I listen my mp3 of the laptop on my mobile with sync like i used to until i changed my laptop.


Thank y'all. 

Who Me Too'd this topic