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Can't acess Spotify account after removing Facebook App

Hi this is message is not for my account but is for  the spotify account with the email adress <removed> as she is unable to log on and I am able too. She dosen't know what the username is for the account but the numbers that came up 1112807328


I removed the Facebook App from Spotfy by mistake,when I went to log on to Spotify all my playlists were gone I was no longer a Premium Member even though I logged with the same <removed> account. When I went to look at the settings Facebook told me I had to change my password and now I am unable to log into my Spotfify account as it says incorrect username/password  even though I'm still able to log in to Facebook.


I sent a message on the contact forum my case was # 02294660 but there was no reaction.


Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic