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How to login to spotify without using facebook

This is driving me nuts....I want to set up Spotify on my SmartTV. When I try, it asks me for my username and password. Since I login to Spotify through Facebook, I can't give the SmartTV a username and password.


I found on Spotify that my account is not only linked to my Facebook account, but I've been given a 10 digit number as a username. However, when I try to reset the password for that "Spotify (ten digit #) Username" it asks for my current password. Obviously I don't have it because if I did, I wouldn't need to reset it. So I'm stuck.


 I already have a premium account so I don't want to close the spotify account, lose all my playlists, etc. I can't  believe there isn't a way to log into Spotify without using my Facebook account. That's just wierd!


How do I set up Spotify on my SmartTV if I don't have a password for my "Spotify (ten digit #) username" and I can't use my Facebook account to set it up on the SmartTV because it requires a Spotify username and Spotify password, not a facebook account???

Who Me Too'd this topic