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Want to switch from Premium to Student Discount

Hi, I already have a premium account but I want to switch to the student discounted premium. I've checked other solutions to see how I'm supposed to switch to the student discount but nothing seems to be working for me.


I went to the student discount homepage and clicked 'upgrade.' Apparently, I was meant to be taken to some options to verify that I am a student, but that did not show up for me. I was just taken to my account overview. My subscription and payments tab doesn't have an option to change to student discount either.


The other thing was, I was just charged the full $9.99 after using the .99 cent discount for the past 3 months. If possible, I would like to be refunded the 50% to match the student discount.


Please let me know if I'm just overlooking something and the steps I need to take to resolve this issue. Thank you for your time!

Who Me Too'd this topic