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Family Subscription is defaulting to free on all Spotify Apps


I have subscribed to the Spotify Family to allow my partner use my premium service. I pay £14.99 per month and have the Spotify apps on four devices:


My iPhone 6, running latest IOS

My iPad Air 2 running latest IOS

My Macbook Air, running latest IOS

My partner's iPhone 6, running latest IOS.


As a secondary issue, we have Never been able to log her in to my account, despite following the instructions we were given to the letter - have just been to busy to follow up.


The main issue is though, last night I began to have ads played to me on my iPad. I checked my account and it was listed as free within the app. I logged out and logged in again but it didn't show my subscription as Premium or Family. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it was the same. My iPhone app also lists my account status as Free.


This morning I logged in via web browser on my MacBook and it shows my account as Family and that I am paying £14.99 per month, but when I launch the Spotify app on the same device, my account defauts to Free. 


Can someone tell me what is happening? I hate being charged for a service and not getting what I pay for. If I can't get this resolved I will cancel my subscription and request a refund for my family upgrade as this has never worked!

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